5 Ways The Narcissist’s Lack of Empathy Harms Us

After Narcissistic Abuse


Human conscience, separateness, accountability and reciprocity are normal expectations in a healthy relationship. Empathy is tantamount to humanity. Human beings don’t by nature prey on each other. We arrive in adulthood expecting that most people are fully developed and “Safe” human beings. Not so, as we’ve learned there are a group of people who have not developed normally, who in fact ARENT SAFE and their character disorder renders them abnormal and caustic to us.


Narcissists did not successfully resolve their independence from their primary caregivers as they passed through the early stages of development. As such, they arrived into adulthood needy beings with fusion fantasies and a complete lack of boundaries. Because their needs for identity are based on external approval & applause, they don’t see others as separate from themselves. When they say “clothing makes the man” it’s referring to…

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